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  • Chunk Honey – 16 oz

    Chunk Honey is 10 oz of raw honey with a 6 oz piece of capped honeycomb inside. If you love to put honey in your tea or drizzle it on […]

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  • Creamed Honey – 12 oz

    While some people call it spun honey or whipped honey, we call it creamed honey. They are all the same: delicious spreadable honey with a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth consistency. We think […]

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  • Fall Honey – 16 oz

    Fall honey is darker in color than summer honey and has a more robust, complex flavor. Floral sources for fall honey are sedum, goldenrod and other asters. The fall nectar […]

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  • Honey Sampler Basket

    Can’t decide which season of honey is best for you? Want to try a little of each? Our Honey Sampler is the perfect answer! It also makes a wonderful gift […]

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    Spring Honey – 16 oz

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  • Spring Honey – 32 oz

    The same delicious summer honey you love in a bigger 32 oz size – with a $2.00 discount. Willow, black locust, clover, alfalfa, and dandelions have never tasted so good! […]

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  • Summer Honey – 16 oz

    Our Summer honey is made of nectars from early spring blossoming trees, such as maple, willow, black locust, and fruit trees, as well as dandelions, clover, and other wildflowers. Since […]

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  • Summer Honey – 32 Oz

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