Tobacco and Bay Leaf Beard Balm

Tobacco and Bay Leaf Beard Balm


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To use: Remove a pea-size amount with the back of a thumbnail. Rub between hands to emulsify. Work the balm into your beard, starting at your neck, moving your hands upwards toward your chin and massaging into your skin. Scrape up some more balm if parts of your beard are still dry.

Fractionated coconut oil – Rich in antioxidants and stimulates hair growth; also moisturizes
the skin under your beard and can prevent dryness and beardruff
Beeswax – gives texture to the oils creating a balm; Coats hair follicles for manageability and seals in moisture
Sweet almond oil – Rich in magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E; Stimulates hair growth, fights dandruff and soothes inflammation
Argan oil – Adds shine and softness to your beard and keeps the split ends in check; Softens the skin under your beard and keeps it well moisturized; Penetrates facial hair pores where it enhances elasticity and stimulates beard growth; Contains antioxidants and vitamin E
Jojoba oil – Similar to natural sebum; strengthens the ha

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