Summer Honey – 16 oz

Summer Honey – 16 oz


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Our Summer honey is made of nectars from early spring blossoming trees, such as maple, willow, black locust, and fruit trees, as well as dandelions, clover, and other wildflowers. Since we are located in a Conservation Zone comprised of wetlands from the Mackinaw River and prairielands, we have little concern about our bees foraging in agricultural areas treated with pesticides. Food supply for the bees is plentiful from mid-May until mid- to late July, at which time we harvest the surplus honey. We harvest by centrifugation and strain to 200 microns, removing the unwanted bits but leaving the pollens. What remains is delicious 100% pure honey.

Because our honey is never heated above hive temperature, it will crystallize at some point in time based on the percentage of glucose to fructose. When this happens, place the jar of honey in a pan of water that has been brought to a boil. As long as the temperature of the honey doesn’t exceed 100F the pollen proteins will remain intact.

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