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  • Chunk Honey – 16 oz

    Chunk Honey is 10 oz of raw honey with a 6 oz piece of capped honeycomb inside. If you love to put honey in your tea or drizzle it on […]

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  • Creamed Honey – 12 oz

    While some people call it spun honey or whipped honey, we call it creamed honey. They are all the same: delicious spreadable honey with a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth consistency. We think […]

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  • Fall Honey – 16 oz

    Fall honey is darker in color than summer honey and has a more robust, complex flavor. Floral sources for fall honey are sedum, goldenrod and other asters. The fall nectar […]

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  • Gardener’s Scrub Soap

    This rugged but gentle soap was made with gardeners in mind. Cocoa butter provides moisture while apricot seed powder and pumice gently exfoliate and eliminate odors and colloidal oats soothes. […]

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  • Himalayan Salt Bar Soaps

    These cute floral salt bars are great exfoliators yet leave your skin soft and moisturized. Follow up with the matching scented Body Creams and you’ll think you’ve just been to […]

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  • Rose Gold Triple Butter Soap

    This is the same Triple Butter formula as Lavender Triple Butter Soap only with added goat milk to make it extra luxurious. And that fragrance! You’ll love the sweet and […]

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  • Summer Honey – 16 oz

    Our Summer honey is made of nectars from early spring blossoming trees, such as maple, willow, black locust, and fruit trees, as well as dandelions, clover, and other wildflowers. Since […]

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  • Summer Honey – 32 oz

    The same delicious summer honey you love in a bigger 32 oz size – with a $2.00 discount. Willow, black locust, clover, alfalfa, and dandelions have never tasted so good! […]

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  • Watermelon Soap

    This delicious layered bar smells just like the real thing — but don’t eat it! Exfoliation factor: 4 Each 3” x 3” x 1” bar is hand cut and trimmed […]

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