100% Pure Raw Honey

Honey fresh from the hive is unlike anything you will ever taste from a grocery store. Unlike the filtered, adulterated, homogenized product on the shelves, we know what flowers our bees are visiting to bring in nectar and pollen and we extract three times a year, spring, summer and fall, to take advantage of the differences. You will be able to taste a distinct difference between the two seasons. 

We extract honey from frames by removing the smallest amount of cappings possible, making the honeycomb reusable for the bees. Each frame is then centrifuged to remove the honey from the cells and strained to 400 microns, removing the unwanted bits but retaining the pollen grains. We never heat our honey so you can be assured the pollen proteins remain intact.

All pure, unfiltered honey will crystallize at some point depending on the sugar content. Crystallized honey is perfectly fine to consume; in fact, creamed honey is made using controlled crystallization. We use only glass bottles and jars because, in our experience, we have found honey to crystallize at a slower rate in glass than plastic. It is also easier to re-liquify honey in glass and we will gladly recycle your empties. For each jar returned, you reap a $1 credit toward your next jar of honey. See instructions below for recycling jars with us.

Indulge in some of the best nature has to offer. Pure. Raw. Unfiltered. Unadulterated. Just as nature intended.

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